Saturday, 29 August 2009

Sleepover time

arghh it's that time of year again Rainbow sleepover time. It comes around so fast and i'm always worried & stressed with the build up but hopefully ive got everything in order and it should go off without a hitch. Were only taking 8 girls this year so a nice number but masses of paperwork to do and lots of shopping but the car is half packed all ready for the big event tomorrow. Hopefully we should get some sleep but never plan to get much and no doubt come Monday the stress will have gone lol well as soon as their parents pick them back up. Wish me luck im sure we will have lots of fun fingers crossed
Happy Crafting
Another christmas card done thats 4 now lol


  1. I still say you are mad lol

    Loving the card

  2. i know mad as a hatter thats me but if i didnt do it who would lol.. can u believe it 4 crimbo cards done i must be on a roll