Wednesday, 26 August 2009

exam results time

Tomorrow is GCSE results day and got to say im not looking forward to it, just hoping my son gets results he needs to carry on at 6th form. Hit a bit of a problem though as results are out from 10ish and my daughter has her physio appointment at 10 so need to split myself in two to keep everyone happy. We're halfway through another week of the school hols and still no sign of summer, can guarantee day they go back the sun will show itself. Went to the local park today for a dog walk needed a hard hat as kept getting smacked on the head from falling conkers. Was quite surprised at how many of the tree's are changing colour and losing their leaves and it's only August not looking good is it?. Had a proud moment today as my 5 yr old had been for occupational therapy and came out beaming and very giddy all because she had learnt to tie her shoe laces. I know its not a massive thing but we did'nt expect it and were quietly told by the therapist it would probably take her quite a while to manage it but she did it and im proud as punch. This is following her learning to ride her bike unaided which is another big acheivement these holidays (another hurdle she has overcome) so in the big picture these holidays have been really good and I have a very confident little girl. Oh well i'd better go and sit and worry about results tomorrow. But to finish here's a card I made and the 3rd christmas one ive managed to get done.
Happy Crafting xx


  1. Hope he did well.

    How fab is the shoe tying. Well done Daisy. Max is desperate to have a try but with him being left handed it is proving a bit more difficult.

  2. Daisy's a lefty too but have got a top tip to help him will let you know when go back to school just have a spare shoe lace