Saturday, 9 May 2009


Well typical of me forgot to post on here for a while but i blame my age. Been quite busy with card orders so trying to do catch up. Im sure i would make it easier for myself if i started making cards as soon as i get the order instead of leaving it until the last minute. Im quite stressed as i type the pub next to me is having an outdoor rock concert which has been going on since 1pm and will prob go on for hours yet. My head has left my body and taken my ears with it i would love to get hold of the idiot in the council who granted permission and string him up by his ... use you imagination. But hopefully this will be the last year we will have to put up with is as I am on a mission so watch this space. Happy crafting x

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  1. Hi Donna, you've won the Sugar Nellie stamp, could you pop over to my blog & mail me your address please? Hugs, Steph xxx