Saturday, 25 April 2009

Ho hum weekend again

ho hum weekend again Well got to say first week back at school passed really quickly. How come when kids at school you have to drag them out of bed, not happy enjoyed a nice bottle of wine in hope of a sleep in only to hear the sweet voice of a 5yr old outside my bedroom door at 6.45am arghh. But did manage to make a few cards last night before the wine kicked in. I really need to get myself a system when making cards one that consists of me making very little mess. I always start off with good intentions but somehow it comes undone. The lounge always resembles a bomb site with paper, ribbons & brads all over the place and why cant i ever find the scissors even when i just put them down (in that safe place). I live in hope that one night whilst im sleeping the craft room fairies will come & build me my own little room one where i can make as much mess as i like. Here's the 3 cards made last night.

1 comment:

  1. Max put my best scissors down somewhere last week and they have been missing ever since. Will be in the most stupid of places.